イギリスにあるMercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology(MISPA)The Faculty of astrological studies(FAS)ユキコ・ハーウッド氏の心理占星学コースのテクニカルサポートをしながら占星学を学ぶ。FASの占星学コース全修了。MISPA、ユキコ・ハーウッド氏の心理占星学コース全修了。

MISPAにてCertificateとDip.MISPA(Diploma)を取得。FASにてCertificateとIntermediate Diplomaを取得。英国占星学協会(AA)会員。APAI(The Association of Professional Astrologers International)会員。Astrodienstのボランティア翻訳者。テクニカルライター、翻訳者、ときどきデザイナー。イギリスでのインターンシップ(出版社)経験あり。

星への扉は、大学の卒業論文が開きました。(SYSTEM OF A DOWN、Otep、slipknotらメタルの音楽と火星の神アレスに準えた我々の心の成長、がテーマ)


Learnt astrology at Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) and The Faculty of astrological studies (FAS), and from Yukiko Harwood. Completed FAS astrology courses, and MISPA and Yukiko’s psychological astrology courses.

Obtained Certificate and Dip.MISPA(Diploma) from MISPA. Also obtained Certificate and Intermediate Diploma from FAS. Member of Astrological Association(AA) and APAI(The Association of Professional Astrologers International). Doing a volunteer translator at Astrodienst. Usually working as a techinical writer and translator, and sometimes work as a desinger. Had an internship at English publisher in London.

My university graduation essay opened the door to astrology. (Theme: Relationship between Ares the god of war and metal music; how we can achieve personal growth in the society)

Lover of music. Many kinds of. I also love sit-com. Buzzinga!